Welcome to DoubleA Software’s site.

I am a software contractor specialising in .net and PHP.

For .net this also includes developing on the Umbraco Cms system, where I am a Certified Expert. Click here to view my Umbraco certification status.

For PHP this also includes WordPress development. This site, including plugins, database management and any other customisations are handled by myself.

This site also demonstrates my other areas of interest across Windows and Linux. The Bio link will go into more depth about my career and side interests.

All my sites are on cloud servers that are maintained for security and performance by myself.

Please contact me concerning anything on this site.

Recent posts

Hosting a .net core Mvc site on Linux

Hosting a .net core application is not hard and combine that with having it connect to a Linux instance of MSSQL server, you have a very powerful application stack.

Entity framework core on Linux

Entity framework core, .net core and MSSQL (Linux version 😉 ) in a docker container…really cool

Using an open source Cms

Umbraco is open source and this has so many advantages

Nginx caching

Nginx is fast. But not only that, it is also filled with useful tools.. such as caching

Expensive documentdb on Azure

So I thought I’d setup documentdb on Azure for a personal project and promptly blew my monthly budget away.


Hmm AWS does not seem to support DNSSEC on route 53. There are always options though

Creating a private docker registry

Docker hub is great but when you want multiple private repos you either pay or setup your own

Lets Encrypt

The LetsEncrypt service has been live for a little while now and I finally updated the sites with it.
It’s sooooo easy

VirtualBox grouping

Little features can make a big difference. Like setting up groups in VirtualBox.


Resizing an existing virtual drive is straightforward in VirtualBox and very useful.