I recently installed the deb packages from Github for .net core 1.4 and associated tools. Straightforward install in a matter of minutes.

  1. Next step, into Visual studio code and initiate a new Mvc project
  2. Add nuget packages for EntityFramework core and EntityFrameworkcore for sql server
  3. Pull MSSQL server docker image, if necessary, and setup exported path folders for database files and password for connecting
  4. Start MSSQL server docker container
  5. Create appsettings.json with the connection string
  6. Create model(s) and dbcontext classes for the models
  7. Setup dependency injection and any initialisation code
  8. Create controller, views etc.. marking actions that use DI with the FromServicesAttribute attribute
  9. dotnet run and Have fun 😉

It seems a lot but actually takes very little time to get it working and Rails/Django (insert your favourite ORM here) has a very serious competitor on Linux now.

Now bring on some UWP implementation on Linux