Well paying for something that isn’t actually doing anything or increasing in size is bothersome to me.

So I’d setup a nosql resource on Azure and started using it with a .net core personal project. And then I stopped but each day was costing me £2 approx without any new data or requests.

In the end it blew my monthly budget (my fault for not reacting to the alarm set but hey) and forced my hand to do something.

That something was to use an existing $5 a month Digital Ocean droplet and install Mongodb. Ok that meant I had to spend my own time sorting security out on it and I still have to do some admin to work on the latency side of things and setup an ssl cert for it (hey LetsEncrypt, I’m a coming for you ;)) but for $5 a month and a terabyte of bandwidth it’s a no-brainer.

Moral of the story. Cloud services can get expensive…..and act on the alerts as well 😉 !!