I’ve used VirtualBox for a number of years now but sometimes you have to remind yourself of features you’ve found useful before.

Setting up groups for all the virtual machines on your drive is a time saver, especially when you start to have a collection of distros all doing different things.

To create a group right click on an existing virtual machine and select the ‘Group’ menu item or press Ctrl + u . This will create a group called ‘New group’ that you can now rename by right-clicking on the group heading and selecting the ‘Rename Group’ or Ctrl + m.

And that’s it really. You can add machines by dragging them into your new group or drag them to the bottom to remove them.

When you hover over the group title, you get an indication of the number of machines displayed on the right side. Next to this is an arrow that when clicked on just displays the machines within it.

The Group menu has a few options, most useful for me is sort – especially when the list of machines starts to get a little long.